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The Commission for Blacks is a body appointed by the Chancellor to advise on planning, implementation, and evaluation of university programs, policies, and services as they relate to Black students, faculty and staff. The Commission reports to the Office of the Chancellor.

The Commission for Blacks recommends changes in or additions to university policies and procedures to reflect concerns specific to blacks. The group also makes suggestions for new and existing academic and extracurricular programs related to blacks; encourages research to identify the problems and progress of blacks on campus; and encourages black faculty, staff and student involvement in all aspects of campus life.

The Commission for Blacks

James Williams, Chair

Ryessia Russell, Vice Chair

JaNay’ Turner, Vice Chair

The Council for Diversity and Inclusion

Erin Darby, Chair

The Commision for Disability

Rob Spirko, Co-Chair

Jill Malolepszy, Co-Chair

The Commission for Women

Joan MacLeod Heminway, Co-Chair

Catherine Luther, Co-Chair

The Commission for LGBT People

Mitsunori Misawa, Chair